by Wrong Hands

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released November 21, 2011

Ben - Vocals
Victor - Guitar
Seb - Bass
Matt - Guitar
Shawn - Drums
Satan - life coach



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Wrong Hands Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Ascending Consciousness / Aphelion
I have seen the blinding light
And it burned my eyes
So I retreat and I recoil
And I hide myself in the shadows

Now I've walked for so long
In search of the sun
But I fear that it's gone
The sky is all wrong

So with a heart full of hate
I step to the edge, and I tempt fate
I tempt fate
Track Name: Straw
Run away from everything that you are deep inside
Refuse to face all your thinkings, try to run, try to hide
How long can you keep up this game, before it breaks down your mind?
Face life like we all do or die

Truths in life are harsh
Strength is a question of will
This world can tear you apart
Yet the wind blows and some stand still

Run away
From all that you are
Hide your face
Deny your strength

Track Name: between god and machine
Slit throats and gouged children's eyes
Over a stretch of dirt and who inherits the rights
Cogs of machines, death keeps them alive
War work religion and a distaste for life

Your death bed and your birth
Lie in the blood soaked earth
It will eat all of our corpses
Regardless of what you believe in

Hunger for power
Hunger for fodder

Feed the machine
Track Name: World Annihilation
Beg me to hear about a world that you're trying to save
The earth, or my humanity, or where I go after my grave

Your words fall on deaf ears
We will never change
Believe it's too late
For the world to be saved

Let it be known taht no one is safe
For this world becomes a mass grave
You still haven't faced reality
You can't put your faith in humanity

This cannot be avoided
Apathy has sealed our fate
Blood on all our hands
We were always this way
Track Name: Shudder
All those lies they said of you
You know are still based in truth
Self martyr of false absolutes
Drown in your own self abuse

Lie just to hide your own weakness
Cower in all your uselessness
You make my stomach churn over again
It makes me sick just to watch you live

I held it inside
Deep in my mind
I searched for ways
A man could die
But instead of
Taking your life

Ill let you atone
For all of your mistakes
Or let you take all your pain
To your grave
To your grave.