We Will Bury The Gods That Birthed Us

by Wrong Hands



From our 7 inch "We Will Bury The Gods That Birthed Us" available on Lifers Records

lifersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wrong-hands-we-will-bury-the-gods-that-birthed-us (full record streaming)


releases June 6, 2037

Recorded DIY
Mixed by Marc Andre Beaudet



all rights reserved


Wrong Hands Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Aidoneus
The system of cycles and prisons
A chain that's never broken
True Atlas; a name of legion
A weight that's never lifted

Burned out and burning up
Living thoughts soon turn to dust
Lidless eyes beg to be shut
Surviving through the deepest cuts

Dragged into their mindless games
Bound and gagged and forced to play
A way in or out, it's all the same
Fucked in every single way

Born & bred for their own needs
Force-fed their hollow dreams
Starved dead for want and greed
Blamed, hated, hung to bleed

Trapped in hell.
Beg to be free.

Fall through the cracks and die in the streets
Slip through the cracks and live on your knees
Fall through the cracks and choke when you breathe
Slip through the cracks and choke on your greed